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Continence Health for Children 

We provide home visit clinical assessment and prescriptions for children with continence related conditions.  A common reason for a child to have an individual assessment is to;

  • access supportive products
  • constipation management
  • bedwetting management
  • healthcare plans to support the school environment

Assessment and Bladder/Bowel Diary

As the first step, a detailed history of the child is taken for all types of bladder and bowel dysfunction including the current symptoms, developmental history, previous and current treatments.  Often we ask for a 2-3 day bladder and bowel diary to be obtained, the bladder diary provides essential information on the child's drinking and toileting habits in the course of the day.  In this diary, parents are asked to record the toilet times, amounts, fluid intake, as well as wetting and soiling episodes of the child.

After successful management of incontinence, children feel better, their self-esteem increases and sometimes even behavioural problems are reduced.  In order to attain this goal, simple and specific treatment approaches such as consistency, praise and positive rewards are the most successful for the majority of children.


Continence Health for Adults 

We provide home visit individual assessments for continence related conditions, with the aim of better management and quality of life.  This will include attention to nutrition, bladder, bowel and skin care, depending on your needs we script for continence aids that are deemed necessary and reasonable under the NDIS.

Mental Health and Continence

Incontinence has a profound effect on the mental health of over five million Australians who are today living with bladder and bowel control problems.  Incontinence can lead to a sense of lowered self-esteem and social isolation, which can put a person at greater risk of anxiety and depression.  Depression is even more common among people living with incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is a common condition that has many causes and includes four main types:

  • stress incontinence – leaking of small amounts of urine from the bladder
  • urge incontinence – loss of urine associated with a sudden and strong need to empty your bladder
  • overflow incontinence – leaking of small amounts of urine from the bladder as a result of the bladder not emptying properly
  • functional incontinence – when physical or cognitive problems prevent you from getting to the toilet on time to empty your bladder

Continence can be managed well or even cured with a multidisciplinary approach, we will work with you to achieve your management goals.