What is a bladder diary, and should I keep one?

Everyone who experiences incontinence should try keeping a bladder or bowel diary for at least a couple of days. What you see may surprise you, or, at the very least, provide a roadmap of your concerns that you can share with your health practitioner.
A bladder diary is a great tool for those looking to treat their incontinence, and should be used as the first step in understanding your specific condition. A bladder diary will track the number of times you have gone to the toilet in a day, if you’ve had any leakage (and the amount), and also tracks your food and drink consumption. By recording all of this over a series of days (at least 2-3 but up to a week or two can be really helpful), you may be able to see trends over time. For instance, perhaps you always experience leakage at a certain time of day, or after you’ve had a certain food or drink. This tracking can help you adjust your routine (or your diet) to avoid leaking. This tool can be extremely helpful to your clinician, as it gives him/her a better picture of your situation and may help advise better treatment options that will work for you.

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