Your NDIS Planning for Continence Management

You do not require a Continence Assessment if you are happy with your current products and management. If your goals have changed to your continence management this should be included in your plan and is best done in consultation with a Continence Specialist.

You need to specifically mention continence in your planning meeting or it will not be included.

Ask your NDIS planner or Local Area Co-ordinator to allow for a continence assessment and/or follow up review (approximately 4 hours therapy per annum) to be approved for you in your NDIS plan under the category Individual Assessment Therapy and /or Training (includes assistive technology)15_048_0128_1_3.

Continence aids and products you require will need to be included in your NDIS plan under Core Support: Consumables. The NDIS principles of ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ applies when it comes to a delegate approving prescription items.

Your NDIS plan is focused around you achieving your goals. You will need to express how your incontinence affects your goals as this is what the funding is related to. For example; if your goal is to return to employment, what continence requirements do you require to meet this goal?

A Continence Related Assistive Technology Assessment will document requirements in line with achieving your goals when conducted by an experienced Continence Specialist.

Finally, talk about incontinence at your planning meeting, if it is not part of your NDIS plan goal, it is not part of your plan.

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