Management of Diabetes at School

Finding the Best Written Care Plan for Your Child
School-age children spend about half their waking hours at school, and children with diabetes are no different. Since children can’t leave their diabetes at home when they go to school, having a plan — preferably a written plan — is necessary for managing their diabetes while they’re at school.
Such a plan should be individualized and should cover a child’s daily diabetes care as well as provide instructions for handling problems, emergencies, and any unusual situations that may arise during the school day. Copies of the plan should be kept at school where teachers and other school personnel, such as the nurse, can access it easily.

One way to lay out your child’s diabetes management needs in school is the use of a Diabetes Management Plan. This gives instructions for managing your child’s diabetes and provides guidance for handling emergencies. In many cases, putting together a plan and discussing it with teachers and other school staff are sufficient to make sure your child’s diabetes-related needs are met during school hours.

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