Vitamin D

The benefits of supplements are undeniable and it’s the same with vitamin D. The effects of vitamin D on the body are wide and can include improving absorption of magnesium, calcium, and phosphate. In this group of vitamins, the compounds Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 are the most valuable to us humans. Vitamin D plays an important role in promoting:
– healthy bones/teeth
– Supporting immune, brain, and nervous system health
– Maintaining healthy insulin levels and diabetes control
– Lung function
– Heart health
Foods that are naturally high in vitamin D include:
– Fish (especially salmon)
– Mushrooms
– Fortified milk
– Fortified Tofu
– Fortified Yogurt
– Fortified Orange juice
– Eggs including yolks
– Pork
The benefits of vitamin D can be wide-ranging and benefit us in many ways, but what happens when we have a deficiency in our vitamin D intake? The causes of a vitamin D deficiency can be numerous. For instance, those with dark skin or use sunscreen can minimize our body’s ability to produce vitamin D by reducing our ability to absorb UV-B rays emitted from the sun. It is the absorption of these rays that allow our skin to produce vitamin D. Also, those who live in northern latitudes or are exposed to higher levels of pollution should consider supplements or a diet with higher levels of vitamin D since they may receive lower amounts of UV-B rays from the sun.

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